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Your air conditioner is responsible for removing heat from your home and is made up of primarily two pieces, the condensing unit outside, and an evaporator located inside on split systems. Some homes may have what are called packaged units where all components are located outside. The equipment has many moving parts such as fan motors, compressors and even moving refrigerant which travels through the line set when it is in operation. All of these components must operate properly and in unison in order to bring us the comfort we expect in our homes. When these systems are not routinely maintained they may begin to run into trouble in being able to satisfy cooling demands in a timely manner or simply become unable to satisfy cooling demands all together.

If you feel your cooling equipment is in need of servicing or not working up to it’s peak performance. At Thermocool our service technicians are certified, have completed HVAC courses, and are regularly factory trained on new and emerging systems in our industry. Our amazing service technicians will test and tune up your cooling equipment to optimize efficiency and performance. Our goal is to deliver comfort in your home and build a relationship with you that lasts a lifetime.

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