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Your heating system is responsible for tempering air and providing heat to the home whether it be via heating up radiators or directly supplying hot air into the home. Heating systems vary greatly in how they provide heat to the living spaces of your home. Heat pumps and electric strip heaters use only electricity to heat the home. Fossil fuel furnaces use Natural gas, oil, propane and some specialty heaters may use waste oils such as food grade waste oils and mechanical oils. The heating system is comprised of a heat exchanger, a form of fuel supply regulator for fossil fuel, a means of ignition and of course many safety components which monitor the heater while it is in operation. When one of these components fail or begin to fail, the furnace may become unable to keep your home to it’s set temperature or fail to run all together.


If you feel your heating equipment is in need of servicing or not working up to it’s peak performance. At Thermocool our service technicians are certified, have completed HVAC courses, and are regularly factory trained on new and emerging systems in our industry. Our amazing service technicians will test and tune up your heating equipment to optimize efficiency and most importantly safety testing to make sure the system is operating safely for you in your home. Our goal is to deliver great service, comfort, and build a relationship with you that lasts a lifetime.


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