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Air conditioners and heating equipment provide our homes with tempered air whether it was heated using electric, gas, oil or cooled by an air conditioning system. The equipment has a great host of moving parts that we rely on to work in unison, in order to bring us the comfort we expect in our homes. Just like vehicles these systems require annual servicing in order to stay functioning at their optimal efficiencies. The very manufacturers that create these systems publish recommended maintenance literature to notify homeowners and professionals alike of just how important maintaining HVAC equipment is. Thermocool offers several types of service agreements tailored to your needs according to the type of equipment your establishment or home has.

  Q. What plan is best for me?

    A. We have 3 plans to choose from, details below

Advantage plan: The advantage plan is our most flexible service plan and can be purchased for most establishments or homes, and is best for older equipment that is no longer under any warranty. It comes complete with two annual precision tune ups, priority service and discounts on all services.

Warranty plan: The warranty plan is our best plan for homeowners with a manufacturer's part & labor warranty. The service plan comes complete with two annual precision tune ups, priority service and discounts on all services that fall outside of the manufacturer's warranty. Affordable, and best choice to make sure you inherit a healthy and well maintained system even post warranty period.

Warranty plan +PLUS: The warranty plan +plus is a service plan provided to Thermocool installed systems only. The service plan provides labor coverage in conjunction with a manufacturer's part only warranty, bringing you that peace of mind that only full coverage can bring you. The plan comes complete with two annual precision tune ups, priority service and discounts on upgrades and accessories that fall outside of the manufacturer's warranties.


  Q. What are the benefits maintaining my equipment?

      A. Maintaining your heating and cooling system will help extend the life of the equipment over time, and allow you to have a dependable system through out it's service life span.

  Q. If the service plan costs money, how am I saving money?

      A. This question is probably what stops most homeowners from making the best decision for their HVAC system. Keeping the system maintained will allow the equipment to not just work, but work at it's peak design efficiencies. Doing this will allow the unit to run shorter, reasonable heating and cooling cycles thus lowering your utility bills and not running longer less effective cycles. Shortening the run cycles will also help decrease wear & tear on components making them last longer. Additionally having an HVAC professional inspect the system will help to find possible problems while they are small and manageable, before they become larger and usually more expensive if left unattended.

  Q. How often should I have maintenance done on my system?

      A. Twice a year, once during the spring & summer for the air conditioner, and once in the fall & winter for the heater.

  Q. My heater or AC is not no longer working, should I set up a maintenance visit?

      A. If your system is no longer providing any heat or cooling then it is time to setup a service call, once the unit is back to working order, then it would be a great time to setup a time and have the equipment maintained.

  Q. How should I go about setting up a maintenance visit?

      A. You can call us @ 856-767-7260 Monday through Friday between 8AM and 4:30 PM, send us a message here or contact us on Facebook.

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